Our Work Speaks

RUDRA EYE NETWORK is a company for creative arts, where documentaries ,films, short films, News, Ad films, Music, Branding, and other Infotainment programs are produced and composed. We have also ventured in the field of Architecture and have produced our very own first of its kind architecture awards called “The Indian Creative Architecture Award.” Through creative creations Rudra Eye Network aims to disseminate fresh ideas for entertainment as well as for educative information

The Media & Entertainment Company has over 19 years of involvement in Media space and is a brand, in the Industry and fraternity trusts. We being Industry experts understand the dearth of recognition for work that needs to be commended and much-admired.

With a continuous aim to inspire and impact viewers, we have been part of various content markets like Mip (Cannes), Dubai Int. Content Market .The extraordinary transformation comes complete with brand new offerings in its fiction and non-fiction content. After achieving success in diverse fields Rudra Eye Network is forwarding its steps into news and political domain as well as expanding our work globally through assorted ways.